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How to register on Twitter?

Introduction to Twitter

Twitter is a form of online social linkage network as well as a source of blog creation service. The service enables millions of users to push and take “tweets” (commonly known as text messages) up to 140 letters. Registered users can send and receive the tweets but those who are not registered can only see messages.


It is very easy to get registered to this online tank of social connections. If you have any E-mail account, you can register for free. Following steps are taken so as to complete the registration formalities: -

Enter Name

After logging into, enter your full name in the first column. Please note that this info is added in the sign up portion.

Enter E-mail

You have to enter your E-mail address and password that can be anything.

Click to Sign Up

After this you have to click the tab at the bottom with message “sign up for twitter”.

Re-Check the Provided Info

The fresh page that will appear will ask you to re-check the provided info and if Twitter will have some reservations on the provided info, it will indicate the same.

Choose Your Name

Your full name will be displayed in the 4th blank and some suggestions will be given to you to alter it, if you need.

Misc Information

After having a complete reading of the entered information, you have to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which you can read in detail before proceeding further.

Final Click

After completion of the requisite data entry, you may click on “create my account”.

Twitter is a multi-dimensional forum where you can meet with unknown people like as you are having a chat with your close friends. You have the option of adding pictures to your profile and create all the needful attraction. You can “follow” the celebrities from fashion industry, Hollywood, known politicians and so many other people. So hurry up and get registered to the high storage linking bus.