Income and expenditure in world cup brazil 2014

The different authorities involved in the organization of the Olympic Games in 2016 invested 24,000 million reais, about 11,000 million dollars in infrastructure improvements that increase mobility and various sustainability projects in Rio de Janeiro. This was said yesterday representatives of different agencies during the presentation of”Public Policy Plan”for the Olympic Games, which aims to create a”legacy”to remain in this Brazilian city after the event ended. Of those 24,000 million reais, 43% come from private investment and 57% will come from public coffers. The municipality of Rio de Janeiro will invest 14.300 billion reais (just over 6,000 million), the state government of Rio de Janeiro 9,700 million reais (4,000 million) and the Federal Executive 110 million reais (almost $ 50 million). The projects include the construction of a new metro line systems exclusive bus corridor, and the renewal of the port area and the installation of trams.

FIFA will offer from today on its website 199,519 new tickets for 54 of the 64 matches of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in the last phase of internet sales and after already having sold nearly 2.6 million tickets. The new batch does not include tickets to matches with already exhausted, as the opening between Brazil and Croatia on June 12 in Sao Paulo and the final at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro on July 13 capacity. Neither will be offered tickets to Mexico, Cameroon, England – Italy matches, Argentina, Bosnia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Cameroon, Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Spain and Australia. While FIFA did not say whether these parties tickets also sold out, media reports indicate that, as some stages have not been completed or inspected, the entity known real capacity and total tickets that can offer the same. The new batch of tickets will be available to Internet users from Brazil 7.00 am (6:00 am HB) and the tickets are awarded to the first reserve and pay, FIFA said in a statement.

In exactly two months after Brazil and Croatia to contest the opening match of the mundial brasil 2014 in Sao Paulo on 12th June, three of the twelve stadiums to be used in the competition still under construction and six airports no longer part of its reforms for following the event. Despite these delays, the Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said that everything will be delivered in time for the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, insists on calling”Global World”.”They are there our stadiums, almost all ready. The last thing will be to be delivered here, the Arena Corinthians of Sao Paulo,”said Rebelo in a public ceremony last night in Brazil’s largest city, which works to conclude redoubled Stadium opener pace. The minister acknowledged that the latter will also be delivered”engineering works in airports and communication”, but other authorities have admitted that part of the reforms in six airports will end after the World Cup. Brazil opened last year six of the twelve stages of the World (Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Recife and Fortaleza) for use in the Confederations Cup, which served as a successful preparation for the event this year. The other six were still under construction at the end of last year, when the arena opened Natal Dunes. If the works are in Cuiabá details, stadiums Curitiba and Sao Paulo are still concerned about the structural and FIFA. The case of the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba is the most worrying and FIFA even threatened to exclude the city of the World. Although the makers promise deliver 30 next April, a series of strikes of workers to demand payment of back wages narrowed even more deadlines this week and now the promise is inaugurate on May 15, when the FIFA should formally receive.

The Brazilian government expects the 2014 World Cup to generate a movement of around 62,100 million reais (about 27.700 billion), three times more than injected into the economy during the 2013 Confederations Cup. This follows from a report published yesterday by the Ministry of Tourism on the economic impact of the Confederations Cup and conducted by the Institute of economic Research (SEIF, for its acronym in Portuguese) Foundation. According to the report, the tournament was held in June 2013 created a movement of 20,700 million reais (9,200 million), of which 11,000 million reais (U.S. $ 4.901 million) came from tourist spending, the Committee Local organizer and public and private investments. The remaining 9,700 million reais (U.S. $ 4.322 million) correspond to the contribution for goods and services tournament Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Ministry of Tourism also reported that during the Confederations Cup last June generated 303,000 jobs across the country. Coinciding with the report, the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) published a study in which I expected to create about World 47,900 jobs in the tourism sector. The estimate was made by the employer based on a report from the state Embratur indicating that about 3.6 million tourists circulate in Brazil during the competition.

How to register on Gmail?

The following are the steps that you need to follow to create a free Gmail account.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to go to or go to to get to Gmail service.
  • Once you enter the Gmail website, you need to click on the ‘Create an account’ tab on the page.
  • This will lead you to a page where you will need to key in your personal information like first name, last name, desired login name and the password to access Gmail.
  • You can also check the availability of your desired login name instantly when you register for an account by clicking the ‘check availability’ tab.
  • Once you enter the password, you will also need to reenter the password and Gmail will instantly indicate you whether your chosen password is strong or not.
  • The next thing you need to do is to click on the security question that you like ad provide the appropriate answer for the question in the respective boxes.
  • Next, you will be asked to choose your location and then enter a word verification given in graphic style to see if you are a human.
  • You need to then read the terms and service and once done you can click on the ‘create your account’ button to open a new Gmail account.
  • All you then need to do is to sign in into the Gmail account with your email id and password.


Gmail is one of the most widely used free email service that will allow you to use it as a webmail. Gmail is a free web based service provided by Google and with a single Gmail account you have the option of accessing all the services of Google like YouTube, Google+ and so on. You will be getting free message storage space of about 15 gigabytes and you also have the option to easily find out specified messages. In fact, the Gmail is so neatly designed and is so convenient and easy to use that all related messages will be successfully linked into a conversational thread. There are millions and millions of people who are using the Gmail accounts worldwide.

How to register on Hotmail

Outlook or Hotmail

MS-Outlook is commonly known as Hotmail. There are several E-mail services that are availed by internet users but hotmail has some solitary features. That is why over 400 million accounts have been created on hotmail.

There are so many reasons for which you may decide to synchronize on hand   E-mail accounts into hotmail or create an account there. In order to register on hotmail, you have to follow these steps: -


First, log into


Your destination web address shall be loaded by the internet service provider. Title page of hotmail will be at your front. As told earlier outlook and hotmail are one and the same. Locate a tab indicating sign up now given at the bottom of the title page. Click on the same.


A fresh page will appear when you will click. You will be required to fill in some data. The required data is easy and simple, so there is no need to panic.


The very first entry you will make is first & last Name. Thereafter, you have to add the birth date along with month & year. Then spell out your gender. E-mail name is the next requirement which is the name by which your hotmail account will be recognized. If the entered name already existed in the directory, you will be intimated to choose some other name or add prefix or suffix to it. After it, enter 8 digit passwords which should be something easier to memorize. Enter such figures or words that are unique.

  • Step-5

You need to enter a mobile number as well as some alternative E-mail so as to set a follow up in case you forgot the password. Mention your location, zip code and accept the terms and condition to finalize the registration process.

Your registration process is completed enabling you to use your hotmail account.

How to register on Twitter?

Introduction to Twitter

Twitter is a form of online social linkage network as well as a source of blog creation service. The service enables millions of users to push and take “tweets” (commonly known as text messages) up to 140 letters. Registered users can send and receive the tweets but those who are not registered can only see messages.


It is very easy to get registered to this online tank of social connections. If you have any E-mail account, you can register for free. Following steps are taken so as to complete the registration formalities: -

Enter Name

After logging into, enter your full name in the first column. Please note that this info is added in the sign up portion.

Enter E-mail

You have to enter your E-mail address and password that can be anything.

Click to Sign Up

After this you have to click the tab at the bottom with message “sign up for twitter”.

Re-Check the Provided Info

The fresh page that will appear will ask you to re-check the provided info and if Twitter will have some reservations on the provided info, it will indicate the same.

Choose Your Name

Your full name will be displayed in the 4th blank and some suggestions will be given to you to alter it, if you need.

Misc Information

After having a complete reading of the entered information, you have to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which you can read in detail before proceeding further.

Final Click

After completion of the requisite data entry, you may click on “create my account”.

Twitter is a multi-dimensional forum where you can meet with unknown people like as you are having a chat with your close friends. You have the option of adding pictures to your profile and create all the needful attraction. You can “follow” the celebrities from fashion industry, Hollywood, known politicians and so many other people. So hurry up and get registered to the high storage linking bus.

How to register on PayPal

Introduction to PayPal

To keep record of cash is too hard. On the other hand, this is also not easy to keep the documents of bank accounts in sequence. There was a need for some alternative which could act alone as credit card and hard cash at the same time. Pay-Pal can be said as a digital wallet which contains in it, all of the methods of payment. It is more feasible than a credit card and very secure in comparison to cash payments. It is very simple to register for a pay-pal account.


Take following steps:

  • There are so many countries where the facility of paypal is available. But there are few ones where it is not activated. Confirm at first as to whether the country you are living in has pay-pal facility or not.
  • v  When you will be at pay-pal sign up page, you need to check your country name in the first step. If the country name does not exist than you can’t create a paypal account.
  • After selection of your country, select your language.
  • Then click on the tab “open an account”.
  • A new page will be opened up that demands for your personal information to be filled in the given form. Enter your valid E-mail address in the first blank. You are also required to put a secret code often termed as a “password”. This will make sure that no one could operate your pay-pal account.
  • Enter your first, middle and last name followed by your date of birth in the subsequent columns.
  • You need to enter your complete address with your city, state/province and zip-code as well as your phone number which is used as an alternative contact if you lose your password of Paypal account.

When you click to “agree” terms of service, Paypal authorities after verification of the information will activate your pay-pal account.

How to register on Badoo?

If you are looking for a new, easy and convenient chat and social networking service, then there is no better network that you can think of than Badoo. All it takes is just five minutes for you to get registered into the Badoo family and you will instantly get a chance to meet new people online. In fact, there are more than 199 million Badoo users on this social networking site. All you need to  do is to sign up for a new account or sign up through your Facebook, Google, MSN or Yahoo account to instantly start using Badoo social network. Badoo works on your mobile as well as your computer and hence you have the option to chat with your friends and make new friends with people all over the world whenever you want and from anywhere.


The following are the steps that you need to follow to create a new Badoo account.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official Badoo website.
  • You  will need to sign up for a new Badoo account on the sign-up page where you will need to key in  your name, Birthday, name of your city, your gender (male or female) and the reason  why you are using this site.
  • You have to choose from the options ‘Make new friends’ or ‘chat’ or ‘date’ in the I’m here box.
  • Next you will need to key in your email address in the box provided.
  • Once you have entered all the necessary fields, you need to press the green sign up button.
  • You will now be asked to open your email account to click on the complete registration link that Badoo sends to your email.

Once you click on the link you will be taken to the Badoo page where you will be able to start using this chat and social networking site.


How to register a new Skype account?

If you are looking to get in touch with your friends and family online through a video chat, then one of the most convenient, easy and free to use online video chat application that you can choose is Skype. But, if you want to use the Skype online video chat application, you will need a Skype account or Microsoft account or a Facebook account. Skype is a popular application all over the world which allows you to get connected with your friends and families no matter where you or they are. You have the option to call to landlines and mobiles all over the world at low rates. The best part is that you can enjoy video and voice calls for free to anyone else who is using a Skype account 24 hours a day. Instant messaging, file sharing, video calls and many more are all free through a Skype account.


The following are the steps to register for a Skype account:

  • Go to the Skype homepage and click on the “join Us” link on the page. This will lead you to “Create an account” page.
  • You can choose any of the three options to log into Skype account either by using Facebook account or Microsoft account or by creating a new Skype account.
  • You will need to first enter your first and the last name, your country and your language in the ‘create an account’ page.
  • You can also provide optional information like birthdays, city, gender and mobile phone number.
  • Next you will need to choose between business or personal use plan and this is an optional question.
  • Choose a Skype name that you like the other Skype account users to know you and then you need to key in a strong password.
  • You can either choose to receive promotions and mails from Skype or even eave the option blank.
  • Finally you will have to enter the CAPTCHA code given correctly, read the terms and conditions and then click “Continue” button on the bottom of the page.
  • All you need to do then is to download the Skype on your computer and start using it.


How to create an account and register on Instagram?

Everyone might have now heard about Instagram. You can use this social networking service to take pictures and videos of your loved ones and family members and share them through a number of social networking services like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and so on. Instagram is nothing but an online photo and video sharing social networking service that allows you to share a photo or a video with any person in any corner of the world instantly. All you need to do is to click a photo, use a filter to change the look ad feel of your photos and post it on Instagram for your friends, family and other members to see. It is a free social networking service that allows you to share some of your most memorable moments of your life with your friends and relatives.


Registering on Instagram For Smartphone Users

  • You will need to visit the Instagram official website from your Smartphone and download the official Instagram app for either Android Smartphone from Google play store or from the Apple store or through iTunes for iPhone Smartphone.
  • Download the official application on your Smartphone and then install it on your phone or tablet.
  • Open Instagram after you have completed the installation.
  • Now you will have to create an Instagram account by choosing the register button on the Instagram page.
  • You will now be provided with the option of using your Facebook account to log in or register for a new account manually.
  • If you choose to log in through Facebook account, then you will have to allow the Instagram app to use the basic information for you to continue using the social networking service.
  • You will then need to create a unique username and a password for your Instagram account.
  • Once done, click the Register button to create your Instagram account.
  • You can also log in from your PC using the username and password that you have created.


What do you get when you Signup to Gmail

When you register to Gmail email service you don’t get access only to an Email platform, with your signup lots of good features comes.

As you can see in the image below there are a lot of icons and all those icons are all the services you can enjoy by just having one account.

gmail sign in

Let’s start with a short list of the most popular services that Google has to offer.

YouTube: This is the most important video streaming company in the world, it was bought by Google some years ago and it’s now the Alexa Rank 3 site on the planet. You get full access and a Channel by just having a Gmail or Google Account.

Play Store: The popular Android Phone Marketplace has a place on this cake. You will get full access to the service and you will also have an option to backup your phone with the same Google account, also remember that for Payments you will use Google Wallet that will be the same Google account again.

Google + : This is the Social network that Google launched after Facebook was in there best days, I give a lot of credit to Google+ because it has some amazing futures such as Hangouts, Circles and more that lot of you guys will enjoy a lot.

Blogger: If you like to Blog this will be perfect for you because you will get complete access to a website or Blog in minutes, this site will come with a domain but you can always change it to a .com if you are going Pro mode.

For Webmasters:  This is the main tools you are going to get if you Sign up for a Gmail account and you are a Webmaster.

AdSense:  This is the Ad system that Google uses to promote Ad words campaigns from clients all around the world.

Google Webmasters Tools: If you are serious about your Websites you should use Google Webmaster this will help you think more like Google algorithm and let you know if you have errors or things to solve in your site to help the SERP results.